the GAME 365 


I kind of get a kick nowadays out of learning how to do things as a blind person.
— Erik Weihenmayer

Currently nominated for the 2015 New York EMMY Award "Human Interest: Program/Special", The Game 365: Erik Weihenmayer is set on the slopes of Beaver Creek, Colorado where host Fran Healy interviews the accomplished adventurer Erik Weihenmayer.

Four-time EMMY Award winning series, and currently nominated for 11 EMMY Awards in 2015, The Game 365 features the best athletes and performers of all-time on their own turf. Former New York Yankee and long-time New York broadcaster Fran Healy engages guests in off-the-cuff, personality-revealing interviews that aim to celebrate their legacy in sports. 

Guests have included: Andre AgassiTony HawkMia HammJoe NamathEli ManningThierry HenryMike TysonLaird HamiltonDara Torres,Richard PettyJurgen KlinsmannMiguel CottoGreg NormanHarlem GlobetrottersDerek JeterJennie FinchPaul Simon, and more.