In conjunction with OBB Pictures, MediaWeaver & Independent Sports & Entertainment, RGTV presents the unforgettable story of NBA hopeful Satnam Singh Bhamara. 

Son of 7'3" Balbir Singh, 7'2" Satnam has genetics on his side, but that is all.  No Indian has ever made it to the NBA, and sports are not seen as a viable profession in the country: cricket is the only exception.  And even those that lucky enough to make a living on the pitch are seldom from places as remote as Singh, who hails from the 800-person village of Ballo Ke of the Punjab Province in India. 

If he stays home, a life on the farm will follow, with fields that yield less and less each harvest.  And so, at age 10, Satnam leaves to live and train full time at the Ludhiana Basketball Academy.

Inspired by his Sikh faith, in which sincere effort is the only duty of the human being, Satnam sets out to forge a new life for himself and a better future for his family. 

An unbelievable journey, One in a Billion is a true testament to just how far hard work can take us.