RGTV crews have shot and produced CONTENT at iconic american kennel club events over the past two years, including the AKC National championship in orlando, florida and the inaugural major transmission of the houston world series of dog shows.


AKC Animal Planet.png

the American kennel club national championship presented by royal canin features over 5,000 dogs from all around the world. it is the largest dog show held in north america.

2018 featured the #TEAMDOG campaign, which encouraged viewers to send in pictures of themselves with their dogs and to show their support for their favorite group with a custom hashtag. Celebrities got into the act as well.

the annual gathering in orlando, florida is much more than a traditional dog show. this year, both the DIVING DOGS & AgILITY competitions were profiled, along with some of the country’s top show dogs.

houston world series of dog shows


streamed for the first time ever, the houston kennel club’s show at the houston world series of dog shows is one of many competitions at this cluster event, which aims to bring humans and dogs together in any number of ways.

branded content

Royal Canin Eukanuba.png

RGTV PRODUCED, shot and edited six branded content features for royal canin and EUKANUBA. split between show dogs and sport dogs, each piece aired during the 2017 akc national championship.